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Juan Carlos Casimiro | Composer

Born in Madrid, begins to study Music in 1983 combining his education with different electronic and computer jobs. In 1991, he obtains the Guitar Teaching title issued by the ‘Real Conservatorio Superior de Música’ of Madrid with Honours in Harmony and Accompanied Melody. After passing the corresponding public examination, in 1992,he starts to work as Harmony and Composition Professor in the “Conservatorio Profesional de Música” in Gijón (Asturias - Spain), a profession that he has combined with his studies and composing activities since then. In 1999, he gains the Superior Professor Title in Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue, Composition and Instrumentation issued by the “Conservatorio Superior de Música” in Salamanca. Later he complemented his studies with Film scoring, Style writing, Web Design for Musicians and Producing music with Sonar courses in Berklee School.

Most important works: 

  • El Viento que nos lleva for symphonic orchestra, chorus and Bag piper soloist.
  • Danza Prima for symphonic orchestra, chorus and tenor soloist.
  • MUSIC for the Christmas TV spot “Sidra EL GAITERO” commissioned by the company “El Gaitero” broadcasted in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 in national TVE.
  • SOUNDTRACK of the short film “EL CORAZÓN DELATOR” (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) by Alfonso S. Suárez.     
  • SOUNDTRACK of the short film “…Y DEL HIJO” (“…and the son”) by Alfonso S. Suárez.

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New Release of Danza Prima Now in Juan Carlos Casimiro - Danza Prima - EP